The socketcovers can be attached easily to any power socket type F or C and are excellent promotional gifts, which differs from the usual gifts such as pens or lighters.
In Europe, every year 10 million of these covers are sold in hardware stores.
Socketcovers should not be used at home only, but should be a „must-have“ in public buildings, kindergartens, schools, hostels, hospitals, hotels, etc..
A product that triggers the famous "WOW-effect“ on your customers and it shows them your ambitions for absolute security in dealing with electric power.

The covers are printable with one or two colors.
The maximum print size is 6 X 30 mm or square 10 X 10 mm.
Price and batch on request.

days from ordering to arrival at
destination - about 4 months
30% payment with order,
70% at departure of the product in Hong Kong.
on request (free delivery, duty paid).
500p. in polybag
(10 polybags in exportbox)
Delivery time:

Payment conditions: